Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Story to Share

One of our greatest passions here at 180 Youth Ministries is helping people use their talents (whatever they may be) to glorify God. The following is a story that one of our High School students wrote after listening to Leeland's song "Carried to the Table" a few dozen times. For the best effect download the song via the link below and listen to it as you read the story. God Bless.

Leeland's Carried to the Table

Wounded and forsaken.

"If things don't change soon, she might not make it through the night," said an all too familiar voice.

A sudden sob broke into her fogged mind. Mother was crying. This is was it? She was going to die.

I was shattered by the fall

Earlier that day, her vitals fell drastically. Just when it seemed she might make it. Now, they said she wouldn't make it.

Broken and forgotten

It hurt so much to try and move these last few months. Now, to just take a breath was a thousand knives.

"It was bound to happen. We caught it so late. There was little we could do. Now come, there are some papers you need to sign."

Feeling lost and all alone

Where was she? Who was she? She remembered nothing but the pain.

Their footsteps left the door. So, they would let her die alone?

Summoned by the King

She felt a stab of pain in her breast that flooded over her body. She heard a sudden ring.

Into the Master's courts

"Child, it's time to come home." She heard a gently voice over it all.

Lifted by the Savior

A feeling of unexplainable joy overcame her. "Come. You are being called home."

And cradled in His arms

She felt warmth wrap around her. Never had she felt so safe or so loved.


I was carried to the table

The table that lay before her was laid with food and many jubilant people, laughing and talking.

Seated where I don't belong

She didn't belong here. Not with everything she had done. She didn't ask forgiveness. Why was she here?

Carried to the table

"Welcome home," He said, smiling.

Swept away by His love

"Welcome home," He wrapped her in His arms. "Welcome, you who I have loved, even before you found me."

And I don't see my brokenness anymore

Didn't He know all she had done? Of course, but He didn't care. He was…forgiving her.

When I'm seated at the table of the Lord

She looked around at the table, where faces smiled at her, like an old friend. She wasn't a sinner here; she was a child of God.

I'm carried to the table

She looked to where He and the Father sat, at the head of the table.

The table of the Lord

This was His table. All was forgotten and forgiven here.


Fighting thoughts of fear

She stood before Him. Never had she been so scared. But it seemed to melt as He gently looked upon her.

And wondering why He called my name

Why had He called her? Was He going to speak of all of her sins now? Ridicule her, after He had said the He had loved her?

He lifted a cup. "One of my children has come home. Let us drink." He took a draft from the cup, and then handed it to her.

Am I good enough to share this cup

"I can't. I've done too much to share your cup. I gave into weakness. I can't share your cup."

This world has left me lame

It would also hurt so much to take the cup, she might drop it, and then she would for sure be damned.

Even in my weakness

"In your weakness, I can use you to show my light."

The Savior called my name

"In your weakness I called upon you to spread my word, though you do not know it."

In His Holy presence

"But, I'm broken. How can you love a broken person? How can you love someone who fled from you when she sinned?"

I'm healed and unashamed

"You fled my house when you sinned, not me. In your heart to you held regret for your sins. Your sins have been forgiven. And those forgiven can share my cup. And child, you have never been broken."


You carried me, my God

She realized now that during all of this, she had felt no pain. She looked down. She was standing. Standing. For the first time in months.

You carried me

She grinned and took his cup. "To the King of Kings."