Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back To School!

For most of us school is starting back this week (if it hasn't already started).

I know for me it brings back that excitement I felt as a kid. A fresh year with a fresh teacher and fresh school supplies. There was something special about riding that big yellow bus on the first day with your backpack full of freshly sharpened No. 2's and your brand new Knight Rider lunch box next to you.

(I still almost can't resist buying a Captain America lunchbox for myself while shopping for my own kids!)

And with the excitement of school, I always look forward to the return to routine in our youth ministry. After a long summer of camps and vacations, our students return looking for the stability of our fellowship.

Each year we offer a Back-To-School Kickoff to connect with new students and reconnect with those we haven't seen in awhile. We also always start off the year with a fresh and relevant message series. This year we are going to spend almost three months in the book of Ezekiel under the title of "Abomination and the Magic Bands"! We are also retooling some of the things we are doing with Sunday School and Small Groups to maximize our discipleship opportunities.

We have found that with the excitement of school starting, it is always a great time to recast vision and launch fresh direction. I hope you will join us in that excitement.

So what are you excited about during this back to school season?