Thursday, February 26, 2009


Who doesn't like seeing themselves on the big (errr..that is little) screen?

180 Youth Ministries has just recently developed a new way for you to do just that - our YouTube channel, found on the High School page of

We will be posting our promotional videos, funny videos, iWorship intros, Testimonies (like the one above - which was used as an intro to last night's lesson), and maybe even a few YouTube only exclusives!

I hope this will be a place where we can use our lives and what God is doing in them to impact others. I also hope this will be a place where you can have more ownership of what we do at 180.

So start sharing with me your ideas. Tell me if you have a testimony. Or a promotional idea. Or some random craziness you want to film. Make this YourTube!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last Wednesday night, we introduced a new element to our Wednesday Night Services - iWorship. This will be a reoccurring (although probably not weekly) segment where a student can share how they worship God. This idea came from much discussion among our leaders (student and adult alike) about how do we show young people how to worship.

We decided the best way to communicate is to show young people how other young people actually worship! So each segment will include a video introduction and then the student will present their worship. In Frank's case, the video was followed with him singing "Consuming Fire" for the group. Which, the really amazing thing that happened was the whole crowd stood up and sincerely sang along with Frank without being asked. Now that is worship!

So if any of you have ways of worshiping God that you would like to share on Wednesday Nights, let me know. Call me, email me or just comment on this post. It doesn't have to be singing - it could be reading Scripture or sharing a poem or writing or artwork or some completely other thing that is a way you respond to how God is working in your life. We don't want to limit what iWorship looks like, so please share with us.

Also, as an aside, we will be featuring all our videos on 180's YouTube channel, which can be found on the High School page of