Thursday, February 26, 2009


Who doesn't like seeing themselves on the big (errr..that is little) screen?

180 Youth Ministries has just recently developed a new way for you to do just that - our YouTube channel, found on the High School page of

We will be posting our promotional videos, funny videos, iWorship intros, Testimonies (like the one above - which was used as an intro to last night's lesson), and maybe even a few YouTube only exclusives!

I hope this will be a place where we can use our lives and what God is doing in them to impact others. I also hope this will be a place where you can have more ownership of what we do at 180.

So start sharing with me your ideas. Tell me if you have a testimony. Or a promotional idea. Or some random craziness you want to film. Make this YourTube!

1 comment:

† Amber † said...

one day..when work isn't kicking my butt...I will finish up a video I made...but it's really it might want to be a "youtube" exclusive." lol.