Friday, August 24, 2007


So it was the Thursday morning after. I was sitting at my computer, thinking about the previous night's festivities - the excitement of all the new faces at our kickoff, the encouragement of responses to our new theme and the challenge to live differently - and wondered what I should do as a followup/response for all of that. And lo and behold, in my mountain of emails I got a link to the above video.

Besides being a really good song by a really good band (MuteMath is great - if you haven't heard them before, you have now and should continue to hear them) and an exceptionally creative video, the message of this goes right along with our challenge from Wednesday - How are you going to live differently?

As we talked about on Wednesday, I believe one of the biggest elements to this question is what needs to be made new. Not just covered over or taped up or temporarily fixed, but what do I need to let Jesus truly make new in my life. I want to hear from some of you. What are the things that you need to be new in your lives?

I pray that you are having an A*Typical day!

**By the way, you can search on under "Mute Math Typical Forward" to see the video the way it was actually filmed. Pretty amazing!**

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† Amber † said...

What needs to be made new in my life? Probably every relationship I know. I don't have any real best friends. No one I can rely on. And there are so many people that I'm trying so hard to put into that position and it's just not working. And it can be really troubling, and depressing at times. I don't know... I just need a good Christian friend, that I see other than just on wednesday nights, that I can talk to and rely on. Because, everytime I try to go on this journey alone, I get knocked down, and I don't have anyone there to help me up, ya know? I just need to stop trying to force things, and worrying about things that I can't change.
Because it's keeping me from being focused on what God really wants me to do, and I realize it everytime it happens, but it's usually too late to fix it.
I don't know if that has any relevance to what you're talking about, but I needed to say it.