Thursday, January 3, 2008

What's That Smell?

It's the smell of lives being changed! That's what you get when a group of young Christ-followers raise money for sheep, goats, pigs, cows, and chickens. That's right, our service/giving project from last month is over. The totals are in. The money has been counted, and you raised $1692.79 for World Vision to provide farm animals for families in need around the world. I am so excited about the success of our project and your passion to help others. So here is the breakdown by team:

The Goats had a goal of $150...and raised $105.19
The Sheep had a goal of $210...and raised $168.59
The Chickens had a goal of $250...and raised $218.06
The Pigs had a goal of $390...and raised $137.45
and The Cows had a goal of $1000...and raised $1063.50

Again, I am so excited about the outcome of this project. We have no idea how this gift will impact the lives of the families who receive it.

But I am also excited about how this will continue to impact our lives. Over the next few weeks and months, we are going to continue to explore opportunities to give and serve globally and locally. I challenge you to pray right now for a heart that is willing to be involved.

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† Amber † said...

This is amazing!!
I never dreamt that we'd get that close.
And being on the cows team, I was a little discouraged when I seen the amount of money we had to raise, but we got it with money to spare! That's amazing! :D