Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is a story about a Bible made of RUBBER

This has been my favorite Bible over the past few months.

Now I'm not one to usually get sentimentally attached to a Bible. I know some people do because their grandma gave it to them or they had to use if for a paddle to escape the Amazon forest after a plane crash or something. But I really do believe this Bible is the best. I have told many people this. I even came up with a Top Ten Reasons My Bible is the Best(I challenge you to do the same):

10. It's bright orange
9. It's made of rubber
8. It has non-slip grip for when you really get with your preachin'!
7. It has a sewn binding so the pages lay flat.
6. It fits in your hand
5. It has a really nice color of page marker ribbon
4. It sheds liquid. (I found that out just this week when I spilled coffee on it.)
3. It's got a really good concordance built in
2. It's the ESV, which may be my new favorite version for study.
1. God speaks to me through it!

So I was talking to my friend this week who gave me the Bible and telling him how excited I am about it, when he said a really odd thing. He said, "If you find someone who you need to give that Bible away to, I've got another ESV Bible I'd like to give you." I said "OK," all the while thinking, "Why would I give away this Bible - my favorite Bible." Well the very next day, I had a kid on my school bus ask to read my Bible. Of course I let him and before he got off the bus, he asked if he could have it. Weird, isn't it! So I'm giving him my Bible, which is all cool in itself. But the story doesn't end there...

I got my new Bible last night from my friend...and it's a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK ESV HANDHELD BIBLE!!!

It doesn't get much cooler than that! I think it's my new favorite Bible. I may have to write a new top ten.


† Amber † said...

I think that is amazing!
God has been doing so many crazy awesome things this week it's not even funny! And the week is barely half over! I'm totally excited!
I love what he's doing in peoples lives right now, especially my own, and how He's working through the church... It's awesome. I love it.
That's an awesome story, and most definatly just made my day Mark.
Thanks :D

Nathan said...

I hear there's a new manga bible out now...

Brittany said...

Ryan, Sara, and I were cupping our hands to see it on

That is a really cool Bible. What is the difference in this version?

I have a bible for young women. It has quizzes and cool study things in there.

The boy wanted it? Cool!

180 Youth Ministry said...

Well, in answer to your question, Brittany: The ESV is a highly literal translation which means it keeps a lot of phrases and word orders from the original Greek&Hebrew languages that some versions change to be more up-to-date with our common language. I really like it, though for some it may be harder to read than like the NIV version.

An interesting side-note: This blog was picked up by the ESV publisher's blogsite and featured last friday. Check it out at

Nathan said...

The specific post is here :)

Brittany said...

Wow mark! I read the ESV Bible Blog on the other site! That is really awesome!

Yeah, Sara has this bible that is a New Century version. The wording is really modern. I really like it, you should ask sara about how she got it. She had it with her at ATF.