Thursday, April 10, 2008


Check this out! Here is the first - of what I hope to be MANY - video blogs from students sharing what God is doing in their lives.

How exciting it is, Savanna, that you are learning to trust God more. One of our main goals at 180 is to be an instrument in raising up a generation of disciples of Christ. One of the issues that God has led us to lately in that process is to focus on becoming participants rather than spectators. We need to see that we are not to come and "consume" what the pastor and song leader have prepared for us and then critique the delivery, quality and relevance on the way out. Rather, we are to come expecting God to teach us and then use us to lift up His name - whether that's through singing or sharing or praying or giving someone a hug.

I am really excited to say that over the past couple months, I am really seeing many students capture this vision. I am seeing teenagers getting excited about the Bible and sharing it with others. I am seeing students willing to sacrifice their time and use their talents to communicate the message of Christ to more and more people. I am watching as students naturally start discipling each other! It is a wonderful process. So keep getting involved. Keep taking those opportunities to share what God is doing in your life. Keep making this YOUR ministry!!

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† Amber † said...

That's awesome.
I'm glad I finally got to see the video. :)

Hopefully you'll get to see more coming from my corner, and our bible study group. Perhaps tomorrow night we'll get it together. ;)