Friday, May 2, 2008

What Is It?

A figment of Tim Burton's imagination? A mutated octopus? An exploded art kit? These are all suggestions for what this item may be. In reality it was birthed when I asked my creative team to make a receptacle for our offerings on Wednesday nights. But something so awe-inspiring desires an equally awe-inspiring name. So we shall have a CONTEST! We are accepting suggestions for what to call this all important 180 fixture. So let your creative juices flow! I can't wait to read your thoughts!


Nenos said...

See Please Here

Nathan Stitt said...

Chad says, "The Offering Cradle."
Amanda says, "The Spawn of Offering."
Nathan says, "The Give-i-Nate-or."

Honorable mentions:
Money Monster
Grail of Giving
Octopus of Offering
Money Medusa
Coinage Crown
The Money Hole

† Amber † said...

My Baby!!!!!!!


I loves it.

*tears* I hope it has a good home there... I poured my soul into that for the entire week of MAP. lol ;)

I shall come up with an equally awesomous name to go with it's awesomicity. lol ;)

† Amber † said...

the defenestrator!!!
(defenestrate: To throw out of a window.)

<3 that's my favoritest word ever!