Thursday, October 2, 2008


That's right, boys & girls! It's PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!

That is, it is time to share the love of PBJ with Buffalo, MO. PBJ=LOVE is a movement that started in the heart of one of our youth (Nathaniel Tirey) at the CIY summer conference this year. As our students were challenged to use something they love to share God's love with their world, Nathaniel felt called to share Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches with the people living in our town.

So this Saturday 180 Youth Ministries is helping Nathaniel start this movement. We are meeting at the church at 10am to make sandwiches. Then we will distribute the sandwiches. And then we will join back together to eat sandwiches and share about our experience.

And then we will do it again next month (the first Saturday of each month to be exact!).

So I hope you can join us for PBJ=LOVE!

God Bless -Mark

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180 Youth Ministry said...

For those who missed it, PBJ=LOVE's inaugural outing went very well last Saturday. We were able to pass out 30-40 sandwiches. We had a lot of fun promoting with our signs and sandwich costume. We also got the opportunity to really speak into some people's lives. This is ultimately, I believe, our goal to actually get involved in people's lives; not just give money to the poor. Pray and think for more ways that we can create those opportunities to actually enter into the stories of hurting people in our community. Our plan as of now is to do the PBJ=LOVE events every first Saturday of the month, so if you want to know more, join us in November!