Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Christmas Challenge

Last night at 180 Youth Ministry was one of mixed emotions for me.

I was so glad to have church as the weather had threatened to cancel. I was excited about Chad sharing some of his music and stories from missions in the Ukraine. I was sad because it will be our last Wednesday night service until after the first of the year. But I (along with others I believe) was moved as we thought about how we can transform our Christmas giving into something that makes a difference.

The challenge was issued that we buy at least one present in a manner that makes a difference in the lives of someone in need. This could be as simple as buying clothes or food for a family locally in need. Or it could be as radical as not giving any purchased presents but using your money instead to send to World Vision or the Advent Conspiracy.

As I shared last night, one of the movements I am the most excited about is TOMs Shoes. It is a business that sells these really cool slip-on shoes and for every shoe purchased they send a pair of shoes to a kid in a foreign country who can't afford shoes. This Christmas they are making a push to send 30,000 shoes to kids in Ethiopia. Check out this video about it:

So now, whether you were there last night or are being sucked into this solely on the blogosphere, you are challenged to use your ordinary practice of gift giving and transform it into something that makes an extra-ordinary difference.

Let me know what happens. Post a comment with your stories. I can't wait to hear. God Bless

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