Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why I Love My iPhone

So, I've had my new iPhone for two weeks and have been compiling a list of ways it is LIFE-RUININGLY good! So below is the prioritized list of why my iPhone makes my life better.

(I hope this justifies my monthly cell bill ;)

10. Yes, I sent that email from my iPhone!
9. Oh No! He's using the Reverse-Pinch Zoom Hold!!
8. "The Force is strong with this one" since my iPhone doubles as a LIGHTSABER!
7. Too lazy to look outside? Yeah, I can check the weather on my iPhone.
6. YouTube on the go. (& Yes, that is a Leprechaun in my tree!)
5. My Maps function can even find me on backroads while driving Youth Group members home.
4. The power of facebook in the palm of my hand!
3. Don't have that song? Buy it on iTunes right now!
2. Pandora music my car!!! No Way!!!
1. Cellphone, PDA, iPod...all in one!!

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