Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Beard is Back (or The Return of the Blog)

Life is cyclical. Trends come and go...and come again...and go again. It seems like lately everywhere I look there are beards: on TV, at church, on EVERY youth pastor at camp, and even on high school kids. It's crazy. So I did what any good person would do...I gave in to peer pressure and grew one. But the truth is, no matter your beard-motivation, this is not a new trend. Recently, my wife's aunt, who is a family-tree guru, looked up some of my ancestors. Here's my Great Great Grandfather Homer Rufus Elliott: Now that is a great beard! Well, all this talk of trend-cycles has inspired me to more than some scruffy face hairs; It has also inspired me to resume my blog. My plan for this space is to make regular posts that inspire thought and discussion as well as have some fun. I will largely use it as an extension of my personal devotional life and the lessons I teach at church. So I hope you join me in pondering the deep things of life. And if you wonder what this particular post has to do with those deep things, check out what the famous preacher Charles Spurgeon had to say about beards:
God bless.

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