Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Which Are You....?

So this past Monday was my son Isaac's fifth birthday. We asked him what he'd like to do.

He said, "Go to Krispy Kreme."

(Actually he says, "Christmas Kreme." We haven't been able to convince him otherwise.)

My five-year-old wants doughnuts for his birthday, so off we went. The whole fam.

And it was glorious. Isaac had a blue-iced, blueberry filled doughnut. A couple of the other kids had chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. Hannah had white-powered filled with strawberry. I had the Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Doughnut. (It was heavenly!)

But as we were leaving I saw the most amazing thing:

Now this is fantastic, except for the fact that my thrift-shop-finding self recently purchased this fine t-shirt:

which, of course, puts me at odds with all pirates.

So, while I sort out this moral dilemma, I thought we'd find out this all-important identity piece about all of you:


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Boggsran said...

Ninjas ARE better at killing people, but pirates are better at making it worth their while...