Saturday, September 15, 2007

answers, Answers, ANSWERS!!

Well hello fellow internet surfers! i just thought i'd share this amazing picture i took on my bike ride yesterday (if you haven't been outside to enjoy this weather, do so once you're finished reading this; its gorgeous!!)
This is the portion of the blog site where some deep, mind bloggalling (haha, i know it's corny) questions we all have, attempted to get answered; so lets begin this quality time!
Q: "In the ten commandments, they say "thou shall not lie," well everyone has lied at lease once, if not as an adult, as a kid. So does that mean that we are all goin' to hell? cuz it's a sin right?"
A: Yes it is a sin that every single person has committed, whether it be to stay home from school or to tell your teacher you like math so hopefully you'll get a better grade, everyone has lied before. Since we've committed a sin against God and are separated from Him, we are destined to live without Him for eternity,which is hell. But Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for all of humanity's sin against God. So it's our decision to accept what Christ has done so we can be cleansed from our sin and have a relationship with God now and for eternity. if you accept Jesus into your life, your sin is forgiven and hell isn't an option once passed away, but without Christ, hell is where someone will go.

Q: "Konnte Jesus andere sprachen sprechen?" or translated in english: "Could Jesus speak other languages?"
A: Well I assume He could since He is both fully God and fully human, ha ha, but the last time i knew, the only language we know that Jesus spoke as Aramaic.

Q: "Is it our job to get people saved? or are we only called to show love and share truth with them? Are we suppose to convince people to get saved, or is that something that God has to reveil to them in their hearts?"
A: Good question! i know i've wondered about this too! I think the answer is what you said after your first question: we are to be a light in this dark world so they can see the truth, but we can't make people recieve salvation, that is the job of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit convicts people of their sin and convince's them of God's reality and redemption that can recieve. So it's not up to us to convince them. The 10 commandments shows people they need a Savior and God works in their hearts, but is ultimately up to them whether they want to recieve His grace and mercy or not.

Q: "Today's society says: Got a bad habit or problem? use a self help method (ex: books, group meeting, etc.). God provides us with the "Holy Spirit" as means of supernatural help. Please explain how the Holy Spirit does this."
A: Great point, today's society is very much so a "do-it-yourself" culture. To be honest i don't know if anyone knows how the Holy Spirit changes people in supernatural ways and i dont think we'll ever know, whether it be He changes peoples habits, changes chemicals in their brain, gives them the strength to do whatever, no one really knows. And it's interesting to notice that in the Gospels, Jesus never heals someone the same way twice, so maybe the Spirit of God is that same way too; He treats everyone with help that is relevant to just them. i hope that somewhat helps! :)

Q: "If God can speak to us through dreams, then does that mean Satan can too?"
A: Wow, i've never thought of that before, it's a very interesting thought! To be quite honest, i have no idea, and i don't know if we could find that answer in Scripture (let me know if i'm wrong!), but maybe we can look to the book of Job for some help. In the first two chapters, we see that before Satan can do anything, he needs permission from the Lord before he acts. i dont know if the Bible says he can or cant communiate through dreams, but maybe Job chapters 1-2 can give us some insight. (you should read the chapters, they're fasinating!)

Wellp friends, there is more to come! Some questions have got me having to do some tough looking through the Bible, asking about salvation and what some words really mean, so keep checkin back on here from some intense questions or maybe they'll be answered at one80 on wednesday! WOOT WOOT!
Have a merry weekend!
benjamin guganhime.......what?


† Amber † said...

Awesome ben. Good info. :) I'm so glad that God choses to speak through you and to relay messages through you.

Dyelawn said...

Muy Bien Ben. Keep it up that was really great!