Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Little Bit of Heaven

As I sit here this morning, typing on this lovely blogsite, I am enjoying what may be the best drink known to man - A Bull & Berries found exclusively at Today's Technology right here in Buffalo, MO!! It is a perfectly balanced blend of the finest berry juices mixed with a couple of cans of the world famous Red Bull energy drink! I recommend it for anyone needing a pick-me-up or an anxiety attack. It probably has enough caffeine in it to kill a small herd of African rhinos. It is exactly what this youth pastor needs!

But what makes this drink particularly wonderful this morning is it was an unexpected gift. I was sitting at church in my post-Wednesday stupor, trying to make sense of the numbers and letters organized on my computer monitor, when Anna Earls came walking into the Family Life Center with this amazing drink. It literally made my day. And isn't it funny, how such a little and seemingly insignificant thing like a ridiculously over-caffeinated beverage can be the difference of how you view your day.

One time Jesus was talking to a bunch of people on a hillside and he told them, "You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." I am praising God this morning because Anna thought to bring me my favorite drink. So how can we follow Jesus' words and Anna's example today? Can you buy somebody a drink? Can you give someone an encouraging word? Can you help somebody in some way, even if it seems small? Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact.


Tyler said...

Bull and Berries is most certainly the best beverage on the planet. I also had one today. My favorite part is the little chunks of strawberry that get trapped in the foamy icy goodness that’s remains in the cup after the life giving liquid portion of the drink has been consumed. I would recommend a coaster if you’re a slow drinker.

Shannon said...

I, on the other hand, have not consumed a berries and bull today. . .and I feel fine.

† Amber † said...

I don't like red bull. or berries. hmm...weird. lol. I'm also prolly the only american that doesn't eat hamburgers either, but whatever. McDonalds can shut down for all I care.
FCA meeting tomorrow morning, I'm excited. But, also feeling challenged, because when I talked to people individually about standing up for God, and trying to make some difference, they're all for it.
But when it comes to actually acting it out, and standing up, I find myself alone again.
But I've been praying about it, and trying to figure this out, and so far all I can think of, is to step out, and maybe be an example. But what if no one is looking? That's the only thing that stops me sometimes. I'm worried that it won't make a difference, and that it was wasted time. Or would it be? I don't know.
I also wonder if I might be misinterpreting what it is that God wants me to do exactly. At least in this point of the journey.
Oh well, what can I do? Just pray I suppose. See what happens. :)

Tyler said...

Shannon I find it hard to believe that you feel fine. How do you know, maybe you really just feel ok and think that you feel fine. Maybe you have been deceived into settling for less. I guess it’s impossible to know that you are settling for less until you experience more. So go ahead and crack open the savory carbonated enlightenment of sweet tart flavored energy enhancing beverage today.

Randell Boggs said...

I have to side with Shannon on this one. I mean I do not like "chunks" of things in my drink. I don't think you can technically call something a liquid if it contains chunks. It is a semi-solid. Also, Red Bull may contain caffeine but it does not contain coffee and that my friends is why I feel like my life is fulfilled despite the fact that I have never had a Bull and Berries.

180 Youth Ministry said...

Wow! What a debate in regards to this exceptional (and obviously controversial) drink! While I definitely am of the opinion that my wife is fine with or without Bull & Berries, I will have to disagree with her and Randall's apparent disdain for this beverage. As for Randall's attempt to discredit the drink's status as a "liquid", my almost-Chemistry-degree would say otherwise. It is a scientific fact that a liquid and a solid can form a liquid suspension together, still holding the title of "liquid". And depending on the size of the particles and the relationship between the two substances, it could even be called a "solution". That my friends is exactly what Bull & Berries is.

† Amber † said...

you guys are crazy.
i'm gonna stick bull is gross. and...strawberries are gross.
so thusly, using the transitive property, I am only to assume that bull & berries is gross.
good luck with that.