Thursday, July 3, 2008

Talking About My Generation

Last night was a very special night at 180 Youth Ministry. We invited four key adults from our church's congregation to be a panel to discuss the importance and relevance of church with the youth. The four adults were varied in age, type of involvement with our church and length of involvement with our church. It was so neat to see the youth respond as Edith Boro, an elderly lady from our congregation, shared her salvation experience and her unbridled love for the youth of our church. Lots of great questions were discussed, but ultimately, my eyes saw the greatest achievement of the evening was the youth beginning to see the level of love and support the "older" parts of the church have for them.

If you were here you know the only problem was we didn't have enough time. So I wanted to open up this blog to continue this discussion. First of all, were there any questions we didn't cover that you still want answered by some adults? Secondly, what are your responses and impressions of what was said? And lastly, how can you continue to be involved in discussion and relationship with the older generations in our congregation. I can't wait to hear some of your responses! God Bless.

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† Amber † said...

The only question that I was curious about was maybe what kind of advice they could give us, seeing how most of the kids there were either already starting their lives off (college and career) or trying to set up a decent foundation to begin the rest of their lives (high school)...I just wonder what exactly they'd say as far as how the church is relevant from our transition into adulthood.

And something that really surprized me was when Mr. Phillips actually expressed his disapointment in our generation. I thought that was quite bold on his part, but it was encourageing because you knew he was being completely honest at that point.

I also was very surprised to hear that they grew up and came to churches in their childhood that didn't really have a youth group. I would have thought "back in the day" the church attendance would have been higher for youths, just because i thought family values were different.

I pictured that 40 years ago you had the leave it to beaver family that all got up together on sunday, and went to church every I just assumed that the kids would subsequently be there for a youth group to be formed...

I don't was just interesting to me.