Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are We Relevant?

Relevant Magazine has been a major source of truth in my life over the past couple of years. This magazine - which boasts coverage of God, Life, & Progressive Culture - tackles the issue of maintaining a pure Christian faith while continuing to be relevant to today's world.

This concern is one that I am constantly wrestling with as a youth pastor and a culture junkie. Are we, as the "Church", relevant to today's upcoming generation. I know that the message of Christ is definitely what this world needs, but how do we continue speaking it in a way that it can hear?

So I want you to wrestle with this issue with me.

Next week at 180 (Wednesday night at 7pm to be exact) we will have a forum discussion between our young people and some key s in our church. We will talk about why the church is important to us, how it is either relevant or irrelevant today, and discuss questions about church practice in general.

So this week, work on some questions. What is the issue that concerns you the most? Or confuses you the most? What can the church do to reach this generation better? How can the older generation be a part of that? How can you be a part of that? Post your questions and thoughts so we can use them at the discussion next week.

God bless.


† Amber † said...

Hey Mark. I've been thinkin on it since tuesday, and I think I have a bit of a question for them. ;) Check it out and see what you think.

I was curious how they would respond to the question "What direction involving religion,(believing in God), do you see our generation going in?"

Or ask them something along the lines of 'what progress do you see our generation making towards living a christian life that shares the message with others' then asking what progress they see our actual youth group making...

I'm just curious to see what the adults really think of our youth. Whether we're just a bunch of rowdy kids who want something to do on wednesday nights, or if they can see that some kids really do take it seriously and want to live a life led by God...


idk. just throwin that out there.

180 Youth Ministry said...

Amber. I think that is a fabulous question/topic-o-discussion. We will definitely throw that one out there next week. Thanks for the input!