Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Traditions...

So my family decided to start a new tradition today.

We loaded up the van, drove to the country (okay, actually Cole's Tree Farm), and cut down our own Christmas Tree.

Yes, I let Ethan have a saw.

But he did have adult supervision.

Here he is with his conquest.

So we loaded it up on top of our van and hauled it home.

Set it up in our living room.

Decorated it with a few strands of brand new Christmas lights...

and some popcorn strings...

and of course the topper!

We even made some homemade cinnamon Christmas ornaments.

It was such a lovely day. So much better than sorting through piles of ornaments and artificial pine needles. It was refreshing and natural and the kids loved it.

I think we'll do it again next year.

So what are some of your family holiday traditions? Anything new you're trying this year?

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buffalocalvary said...

I have a new Christmas Dish I want to make. It's called Christmas and Dumplings? You will see it on Christmas.