Friday, January 9, 2009

In Case You Missed It

This was our intro video this past Wednesday

It was an exciting return to 180 Wednesday Nights. We are wanting to recast a vision for this service to be a time to hear from God, interact with His Truth, and let that Truth change our lives. We started a new series (Is God...? - a study/discussion on who God is and why He is important to our lives) with a new format (small group discussion with adult leaders), and the responses I've gotten so far are overwhelmingly positive. Lots of groups I've been told shared very real, very thoughtful responses to the questions about how you've seen God be real and is He easy to understand and who do we think He is. Most of the adults were very impressed with the level of honesty that was given as we admitted to our doubts. I cannot wait to see where this goes in the next few weeks.

We do want to hear from you: your responses, your questions. We want this discussion time to be about where you are at with understanding God, so tell us what you struggle with. We want to include your thoughts and perspectives.

And, oh yes, in case you missed it, we did turkey bowl!

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† Amber † said...

I loved it mark, i really did. I can't wait until the following weeks :)

I was worried we wouldn't get much response with even the broad topic, I can't wait to see what specifics gets us. :)