Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year!

Another year is here.

And many people have celebrated its coming in many ways. Apparently I did so by playing bagpipes in Nova Scotia, as this picture suggests. This photo was on Fox News' website with the caption: "Jan. 1: Mark Elliott plays the bagpipes as he heads to the government wharf to participate in the annual polar bear swim in Herring Cove, Nova Scotia."

But with a new year it puts us to thinking about resolutions and the future and questions.

As we get back to normal this next week with with school and work and (FINALLY!!) the return to our Wednesday Night Program, I want us to wrestle with these issues of our visions for our future & our desire to grow & the questions we have about faith, life & God. On January 7th we will be starting a series of weekly discussions about our questions and our aspirations. We will be challenging ourselves to explore and maybe even deconstruct our definitions of God and why we believe this way. We will be searching for truth in our lives and the lives of others. And hopefully we will be moved to action and change in our lives because of what we discover.

So I want to challenge you to get a head start. Start thinking about who you think God is and why. Why do you think/know He exists? Why/Is He important to your daily life? And as you come up with these questions, post those as a comment to this blog. We want to include your ideas in our discussions. So tell us your fears, your doubts, your questions and then come on January 7th as we start exploring the answers. -God Bless!

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