Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catalyst: Day 1

So I felt a little like I was in two places at once tonight.

I sat in a conference room in Atlanta for the first session of Catalyst at the exact same time my Creative Worship Team was leading our Wednesday night services in Buffalo, MO. I found myself looking at my watch and praying for what I knew must be going on at that exact moment at 180.

The opening thoughts about Identity...

The sharing of needs around the world...

The singing of worship at probably the exact same time we were singing our closing worship in Atlanta...

And maybe most significantly for me, the prayer for the Holy Spirit to move in this place. And it occurred to me that while I was not literally in two places at once, the Holy Spirit very much was and is! How remarkable that God was moving powerfully in the hearts of leaders in Atlanta at the exact same time He was also moving in the hearts of young people in Buffalo, MO!

So over the next couple days while I'm at Catalyst, I'm going to be posting some of the things that are moving in my heart. I also want you to respond with the things God is doing in your heart. So I'll start by sharing some of the statements spoken by Matt Chandler tonight at Catalyst that reached out to me. In return you must share (especially if you were at the 180 services tonight!!!) what has reached out to you today.

Here we go:

"We can't assume the gospel."

"Hundreds have grown up in church and haven't heard the gospel."

"Have we preached 'be good!'"

"Paul constantly said, 'Don't forget the gospel!'"

"Reclaim the arts, Be creative, Love the poor, Engage culture, Lead well...but make sure you lead people to the gospel!"

"Children are sick, wicked little things."

So I can't wait to hear from you. God bless & good night!

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