Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to Blogging!


...after a LOOOONNNNGGGG hiatus, 180's blog is back!

It has been a hectic summer full of mission trips, camps, cross-country treks and other craziness. (I plan on making some posts on these topics over the next few weeks:) I have been surprised at how "normal" things have seemed already just after a few days of school being back in session - even though I don't have any direct ties with the school system. There must just be something about the fall the helps us return to the rhythm that always seems out of whack after a very spastic summer season!

So, now that we've all returned home from our journeys, I pray that we can return to pursuing together what it looks like to follow Christ in our world today and sharing some of our lives with each other as we go:)

If you are new around here, feel free to read our about section and peruse some of the past entries.

As you can see, while this blog is tied to 180 Youth Ministries because of my role there, it also spreads out into other areas of my life and interests. But all posts, I pray, center on the pursuit of piecing together how Jesus speaks and leads and molds and shapes us through this crazy life we live!

I plan on posting AT LEAST twice a week, so I hope you keep up with what's going on around here and leave a comment when you do.

Look forward to doing the journey of life with you...

God bless.

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Nathan Stitt said...

Looking forward to it.