Thursday, September 2, 2010

"I Wasn't a Prophet...

...or the son of a prophet but..." (Amos 7:14)

So this past Wednesday, I woke up early and read this verse. I was amused because I often have heard our Senior Pastor quote this but couldn't have really told you where it was at. Now I knew.

(and knowing is half the battle!)

But I didn't think much more about it as i got ready to head to the hospital to visit with a youth group member who was having surgery. Little did I know that this verse was soon to take a new meaning in my life.

I got to the hospital and had a great visit with this fine young man and his parents. As I talked with them, they relayed how the young man was the only one of their children who was always in the hospital. I identified with that as my wife and I were both very cautious children and never in the hospital, but my sons were adventurous, often leaping before they looked. I conveyed that they were probably going to be, unlike my wife and I, the ones always in the hospital.

The surgery went well, so I said farewell to this fine family and headed back to the church. I wasn't at the church more than a half hour when I received a call from my wife stating Isaac, our nearly two year old son, had fallen and busted his head open and blood was everywhere. Obviously I rushed home immediately. My wife had by then cleaned off the blood to reveal a small gash right between Isaac's eyes. Not life threatening, but definitely ER worthy.

So Isaac and I loaded up and back to the hospital I went...

Prophetic? I don't know, but it is funny how we sometimes say things without realizing they might come true.

Have you said anything this week that came true? Have you said anything this week that you hope won't come true?


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Brittany said...

My plans for how i'll fill out my day usually DON'T come true, at least not in the way I expect them to. :)

I'm almost afraid to ask God to give me "steadfastness" "strength", etc because I feel i've already had so many lessons in life already and i'm ready for A BREAK!

I know God is giving me this time to prepare me and give me a rest after all the craziness in R & I's life. But I'm afraid for what's in store!

So, I guess I'm afraid the unknown will happen. But it surely will happen as it always does :P