Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Little Random Weirdness...

Just to show you how deep the path of weirdness on the internet can go, I'll share with you a little experience my family had this week.

We were watching some Sesame Street videos with Isaac when one had a reference to yodeling. One of my children asks, "What is yodeling?" To which my wife quickly suggests we should show them the goatherd song from Sound of Music. While trying to find that video we stumbled upon THIS video:

Amazing, right? But the weirdness did not end there.

Upon seeing that video, my son Isaac got really excited about sheep. So we started looking for sheep videos....

And we found maybe the greatest piece of YouTube wonder I've seen (at least for this week;):

Hope you enjoyed! What is your favorite internet weirdness o' the week?


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Brittany said...

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