Wednesday, January 5, 2011 I was txtng!

So I had my favorite social media moment of the week yesterday.

I think I'm going to start recording these events here on the blog as they are an increasingly frequent occurrence: A situation that I witness involving some sort of social media that confounds me!

So here was yesterday's.

I was sitting in a room conversing with some young people while waiting for a meeting we were having to start. Suddenly another young person arrived, entered the room, looked directly at one of the people already in the room, and said, as if already in a conversation with them, something to the effect, "Yeah, as I was saying, Ryan said a 20 would work..."

It took me a few confusing minutes to realize these two people had been previously texting to each other about some matter up to the point where the one entered the room. Therefore, they no longer needed to text, so they just continued the conversation out loud.


The fluidity in which they move in and out and between forms of communication.

So, here's the question(s). Is this a wonderful breakthrough?

or the further convoluting of genuine conversation and relationship?

Let me know your thoughts. God bless.


Brittany said...

lol I actually just kinda made a video about this today. Still uploading it :)

Nobody said...

I think it's a furtherance of removing body language, tone, inflection, and emotion from human interaction. We only know a person isn't being harsh if they added three little letters at the end of the message. LOL