Friday, January 14, 2011

Groove is in the...

So, from time to time I like to share with you my new favorite thing.

And right now it is...GROOVESHARK.COM.

For those of you still in the darkness (like I was until recently), Grooveshark is an online music listening tool which allows you to search their nearly exhaustive catalog of music, listen to that one song you can't get out of your mind, or make custom playlists. I've been making some playlists!

Most recently I made the "Bad-One-Hit-Wonder-Dance-Music-from-the-Late-80s" list and the "Thought-Provoking-Emotionally-Stirring-Mainstream-Alternative-Where-Are-They-Now-Groups-From-the-Early-90s" list.

Good stuff.

I actually said that out loud while listening to these lists.

Several times.

Which prompted my wife to say, "I think this means you are getting old."

See, we've long had this theory that when a person gets stuck in an era of fashion or music or media that is the sign they have gotten old. That they have stopped making progress and decided, at whatever level of consciousness, that mullets and bon jovi tshirts will ALWAYS be the right choice.

These are the people we shake our heads at (or make lucrative yet exploitative websites featuring candid photographs of them...but I don't know who would do something that mean.)

I have fought long and hard against becoming that person...

But this week I have a new plan.

See, since I've started making these playlists, an amazing thing has happened in my house - my kids LOVE IT!

They come from the four corners of our home to dance their hearts out with me. They close their eyes at the meaningful parts. We laugh together.

Just a couple nights ago, my two-year old son Isaac began humming the tune and rhythm to "Ice, Ice Baby!"

Completely out of the blue!

And it was at this beautiful moment that my new plan hatched.

I'll bring back my favorite music.

I'll shape a new generation by exposing them on a regular basis to the things I truly love. I'll make the old new. And, if I do it well, they will think they discovered it themselves.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to help me change a generation?


Dave Farquhar said...

So do you think Guadalcanal Diary stands half a chance the second time around? And can you share playlists? I'd like to hear the early 90s one... Hopefully you remembered Inspiral Carpets.

JeremyL64 said... is amazing, i found it awhile ago just by going to google and searching free music lol

Nathan Stitt said...

I've been using it for a little while, and was actually listening to some deadmau5 on Grooveshark when I read this post just now, hehe. We'd probably use it more often except that Mandy prefers Pandora.

180 Youth Ministry said...

Dave - No, I don't think Guadalcanal Diary stands a chance. LOL! and No, I didn't think of Inspiral Carpets. I actually think I can share my playlists through Grooveshark. I'll see if I can figure it out. I actually didn't save that 90's playlist, but I think it went something like: Crashtest Dummies "Mmmm mmm mmm"; 4 Non Blondes "What's up?"; Cracker "Low"; Cranberries "Zombie"; Soul Asylum "Runaway Train"; Soundgarden "Fell on Black Days"; EMF "Unbelievable"; and maybe a few others. Like I said "mainstream".

Jeremy & Nate - Yes, Grooveshark is amazing. Just a little more time consuming than Pandora, but so much more specific and diverse.

Anonymous said...

Mark, it's Cannon. My proudest moment as a dad? We were all driving somewhere, and my 3 oldest were singing along to Linkin Park! I buy their 'Wal-mart' (clean) versions so I can play it around the kids, and they dig it!