Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it...

Snow is magical.

And I think this is regardless of age. No matter how many times I've seen it, played in it, ate it, it doesn't lose it's wonder.

And even though I no longer have any direct tie to the school, it still sent a thrill through me when we found out last night that school was canceled for today.

(I still get the automated phone calls from the school district even though none of my kids attend there and I no longer work for them...which I love because I love being in the know;)

And I'm planning on getting some fun-in-the-snow time with the kids today. To make some memories. (I'm sure pictures will follow soon.)

But it got me to thinking. We live in such a face-paced, technology driven society. We have new gadgets coming out literally daily to "make our life better." And it all makes it hard for anything to really impress us. The newness wears off so quickly because it isn't new for long.

But snow. That never gets old.

And it reminds me that our awe of God should be the same way. Our wonder at our Creator should never wear off.

This weekend our Sunday School class was looking at Revelation 1 where Jesus appears to John to give him the message to the churches. And when John sees Jesus in all His glory.

With pure white hair...

And flaming eyes...

And bronze and gold all over...

And a roaring voice...


John falls down like he's dead. But Jesus tells him not to fear. That everything is going to be alright. That his hope is in Him, not his circumstances. (John was exiled on a prison island due to persecution for his belief in Jesus)

So today, I pray you have a great snow day. But I also pray that the wonder of it all reminds you of the wonder we should have for our Lord, who, despite our circumstances, is still in control.

He has your life in His hands.

God bless.

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