Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Did I Ever Tell You, You're My Hero...?

So I don't watch much TV.

That's not that I don't love media. My family and I actually watch a great deal of movies and videos. We've even recently joined the wonderful world of online streaming with our DSL & laptop upgrades! (Go "Watch It Now!" on netflix!)

But we made a decision awhile back not to have TV feed into our house. We were using a small set of "rabbit-ear" antennae to watch the news but since the digital conversion we have chosen not to even get a converter box. This allows us so much greater control of what and how much media we allow in our house, but...

Being a student of culture, every once in a while I am forced to do some "cultural research" by watching some touted piece of "life-changing" media. One of those pieces of media that keeps coming up over-and-over again in seemingly every magazine, book, review, or blog (Christian or not) is the ABC series LOST.

So I spent some time this weekend catching up on the first few episodes of this series. And one of the things that struck me most was how I reacted to the main character. Essentially the focal character of the episodes I watched was Jack Shephard, a surgeon who quickly becomes the leader/hero type for this group of people stranded on a tropical island after a tragic plane crash.

I found myself intrigued by Jack's collectedness and ability to organize and command in the face of terrible situations. I marveled at his calmness and decisiveness under great stress, fear and quickly-changing circumstances. And I found myself wondering, "Would I be able to do what he was doing?" Of course I don't have the medical training that this character does, but would I be able to pull it together and help others? Would I be able to be the hero?

It seems to me that is most often my reaction in viewing traumatic, crisis situations. I always desire to be the hero. I think many of us do. But as I thought about my life and how I act and react, so often I am not who I want to be.

I panic. I get frustrated and angry. I pass up opportunities. I hesitate. I feel sorry for myself. I'm selfish.

Granted, I don't want to be that way, but too often I am. I find some comfort in those moments of reflection of the words from Romans 3: "None is righteous, no, not one" (Romans 3:10 ESV). But it is only a little comfort.

I asked my wife why we always are attracted to those fictionalized heroes, having that secret desire that we somehow could be them given the right circumstances. She said (very wisely, because my wife is VERY wise!), "It's because we all need and are looking for a Savior."

I think too often though - even in going to Church, ministering to people, doing Bible studies, etc. - I am trying to be that savior for people.

but really they need to know Jesus. They need to know how I am imperfect but Christ saved me. They need to know that I am an unrighteous sinner just like them who was changed by a wonderful, forgiving Savior.

So will you join me trying to change from HERO to HERALD for the true Savior. Let's make Christ famous in our world by letting people see how ONLY He is good enough! God bless.