Thursday, September 10, 2009

There are some things I don't fully understand.

Like how God's Spirit works to change lives.

I know that we pray and we work and we plan and we create an environment where God's Truth & His Scriptures are revealed and communicated. But then there is this supernatural thing that happens when God takes those truths and intersects them with our hearts to change our lives.

Like last night.

The 180 service last night was one of those where God's Spirit did a powerful work in all our lives. And it was incredible to watch Him move our hearts. One person who walked in during the response time told me after service that they wondered what had happened because there were so many teenagers on their knees, on their faces, at the altars, crying out to God.

And the simple answer is God spoke and we listened.

I got to hear and hear of many things God did in lives last night, but I want to hear more. So if you were at service last night and God spoke to you, please post here and let us know what happened. We want to celebrate what God did and lift His name up. I'm listening...

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Brittany Canole said...

YEAH! I haven't been able to make it to service due to the cost of gas and having alot of homework! I want to hear it!