Thursday, September 3, 2009

A New Month, A New Series, A New Life!

I love seeing God change people's lives.

I got to be witness to that a couple times just yesterday! The first instance was yesterday afternoon. As my family and I were getting ready for dinner, a friend and neighbor who has recently started coming to church dropped by with some questions about her faith and growth with God. During the course of our conversation we were able to help her confirm that she had accepted Christ as her Savior and encourage her in further steps in growing closer to Him. Very exciting!

The second instance was after service as a teen came to me in tears after the message. Along with another leader, we were able to confirm for this young person that her relationship with God was real and start her on a path to making God her true foundation.

You see, we just started this new series on "IDENTITY" last night. Ronni brought a message about foundations based on Luke 6:47-49. As he challenged us to consider whether we are standing on God or whether we are standing on things of the world (ie. popularity, achievement, possessions, image, etc), this young person was moved by God's conviction to reevaluate what her life is based on.

Since last night, I have already heard of many others who were particularly challenged by this message. I'm excited to see God continue to work in our lives as we move through this series of lessons, but I am wanting to hear your thoughts, struggles, questions, stories about your foundations as we get started. Post your responses.

God bless.

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