Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Molding Minds! BWAHAHAHA!

So, since we didn't have our regular Tuesday night Creative Worship Team meeting this week, I had my own little Creative Worship session with my children.

The result is this crazy video illustration from my message on covenants last night.

I love engaging people with the reality of the gospel and forcing them to think. And I am so thankful for the opportunities God is giving me to do that in, not just the youth of our community, but my own children. I pray that all of us, especially my children, grow to understand that God is a God who we need to wrestle and question and test and approve and allow in our daily & minutely lives! And then I pray that we use the gifts God has given us to praise Him for those very things! Let's continue to pursue God and share that pursuit in every way possible!

That will bring the kingdom we all long for!