Friday, January 22, 2010

One Man's Challenge...

I was having lunch the other day with a pastor here in town, and he was telling me about his friend who is a minister in Mozambique.

His friend had been telling him about the growth of Islam in Mozambique and how there are mosques popping up all over. And just as my pastor friend was about to open his mouth and say, "What a challenge/discouragement/frustration that must be", the Mozambique minister says, "Yes, the Lord just keeps giving us such opportunities to minister!"

The pastor I was eating lunch with was just amazed (as was I at hearing the story) by this man's perspective. Something that many of us would feel overwhelmed or confused about, this man saw as an open door. When we may even have felt tempted to give up, this minister saw a growing number of people who need to hear the truth about Jesus.

I was so challenged by this outlook. It doesn't take much to get me discouraged sometimes. If someone criticizes me or my work or my faith, it's easy to just feel like things are hopeless. I think sometimes I am looking for those that are easy to minister to, but God calls us to go to the hurt and the lost and those who are religiously opposed to us and share with them His truth. He challenges us to look at those who have religious or spiritual beliefs totally contrary to ours as just the people we need to talk to because God loves them and wants to see them come to a saving knowledge of His Son as much as anyone.

So, tell me what are the "opportunities" going on in your life right now?

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