Monday, January 4, 2010

Ringing in the New Year...

There is so much hope & anticipation as a person starts a new year.

We are ready for a new start, a new look, a new direction.

We make resolutions.

And it’s all because we are looking for that catalyst of change in our lives.

As followers of Christ, we live with the hope that we will one day get to spend eternity with Jesus without the brokenness and frustrations of this life, but I believe Christ also wants to make changes in our lives today. I believe when He says that He will make all things new (Rev. 21:5), that process begins now!

One of my wife and I’s favorite phrases as of late is “Another world is possible!”
And so as I look to another year I am filled with anticipation and excitement about what God will do in my life and the life of our church.

A few things I am excited about:

*Beginning our year with an emphasis on prayer: We will be doubling up on prayer the first few weeks of the new year with Doug doing a sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer and then Brandon & I facilitating a series on Prayer & Prayer Ministry on Sunday nights. I cannot wait to see how God uses this to refresh our church!

*Helping our Community: As we begin working with Ozark Food Harvest to provice commodities, continue to invest in the ministries of Heart2Heart & use our recent Sunday School offering drive funds to help those in need in our congregation, I see God helping us be more focused in our impact here in Dallas County.

*The Do Something Drive: After Easter we will be doing a church wide campaign designed to challenge us to “Do Something” in our neighborhoods and our community. I am excited about how God is going to stir up our hearts and the hearts of our neighbors through this time.

*Panama 2010: Nothing gets you out of your comfort zone like a mission trip. As we take our team to Panama this year, I know it will build our faith and renew our focus on others

And these are just a few of the things I know that are going to happen. I know that God has so many other things in store for us. So will you start this New Year with me - expecting for God to change our lives and our world!

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