Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Through the Bible in 80 Days

Last week we started our new series "Through the Bible in 80 Days". This series is designed to help us take a look at the bigger picture of the Bible. To begin seeing the interconnectedness of these 66 books. To follow the story of a living God who wants to be involved in our lives.

As we go through this series over the next (approx) three months, we hope to explore some of the major themes that God weaves throughout the Scripture. Themes that show us the patterns of how He wants to work in our lives and how He wants us to join Him in His work.

To reach this end we hope to utilize several various interactives.

One is we are challenging everyone to read more of the Bible than they normally do, up to the level that we hope some will read through the whole Bible in those 80 days. (This can be accomplished by reading approx 15 chapters every day)

Another is we are test-piloting YouVersion Live with this series. If everything works as planned, a person with a smart phone or digital media device with wireless capability will be able to log into YouVersion during service, find our live event and follow along with our Scripture and notes as well as interact with polls and comments. We think this will be cool. (and YES, we are nerds!)

Add to this lots of multimedia and contextual Scripture study and we hope that we will all come away with a new appreciation, excitement and hunger for God's Word.

Hope you can join us for these lessons on Wednesday nights at 7pm through the end of March. We also would love to hear your comments and critiques of the series and the interactive elements we are experimenting with.


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