Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Addition(s)...

We had some new additions to our household this week...

a litter of praying mantises!!

See, about two months ago my children found this pod cocoon thing in our yard. So we decided to put it in a jar in the window and see what came out of it. It was like a little science experiment.

We all speculated what it would be. Spiders? A moth? A butterfly?

I suggested a mind-controlling alien spore creature (Seriously, the pod looked just like something out of Invasion of the Body Snatchers!)

And then a couple days ago, we awoke to a swarm of little baby mantises hopping around inside our jar! Who would have guessed?

It just goes to show that life is unexpected. We never know what kind of strange turn things will take, but that is what keeps it interesting.

So what unexpected things have happened to you this week? And what was your reaction?

1 comment:

Amber King said...

that is pretty much amazing...but how do you know that a butterfly didn't come out of the pod, and a swarm of hungry preying mantises didn't jump in and devour it..then an angry spider who wanted to eat the butterfly but didn't get there quick enough shut the lid on them?
hmmmm? :)