Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Think I've Caught...!

With being cooped up together inside through all this snowy cold weather, my family has caught many things.

We had the sniffles.

One or two of us caught the stomach flu.

There have been several rampant outbreaks of cabin fever.

There were even some early warning signs of Bieber fever as my two-year old Isaac has been going around saying, "What's a Bieber?"

But the one thing all of us have seemed to have caught was...the Space Bug!

Now there have been lots of factors leading up to this:

1) I got to go to the Kennedy Space Center when I was recently in Florida.
2) My son has been studying about space in his schooling.
3) We just commemorated the 25th Anniversary of the Challenger Disaster.

And it seems since then things have just continued to escalate.

My kids are checking out library books on space. We watched Apollo 13 the other night. Ethan watched an episode of Mythbusters about the moon landing. I even watched an old X-Files episode about a shuttle mission crisis (that was suspiciously akin to the Apollo 13 crisis).

It seems everywhere we turn this week, space is involved. It's been kind of neat for me, as I was so intrigued by space exploration as a child. I loved reading the old Sci-Fi novels. I studied about the NASA programs. I even looked into going to Space Camp, where you train like astronauts for a week.

It has been really neat to get to relive some of that and share that with my kids.

So how about you?

What "fever" have you caught during the great snow-in?


Nathan Stitt said...

I don't think I've really caught any fevers, per se. However I did watch some space movies. I'm wrapping up season three on Battlestar Galactica. I watched a really dumb Mars movie that I don't remember the name of. I also watched an extremely scary space movie at like 2am last week called Pandorum. It had me more tensed up than watching the Aliens movies, quite good. You can instant view on Netflix but the kids will need to be asleep.

180 Youth Ministry said...

Ahhh. The camaraderie of watching sci-fi. I love it! I actually watched "Pandorum" a while back. And I agree, creepy but good!