Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something Must Be Working...!

So I have a story and a resource for your Sunday morning.

Last week my 10-year old son Ethan checked this book from the library called Manga Metamorphosis. My son is a big comic book fan and loved the manga style art and format. However, this book also happens to be a graphic novel translation of the book of Acts and some excerpts from the Epistles!

Ethan read the whole thing in one week! It seemed everytime I turned around he was pouring over the pages.

So after that week, we were sitting next to each other in church services last Sunday. I had set my Bible down on the pew between he and I. Suddenly I noticed him pick up the Bible and flip it open.

Cool, I thought.

Then I looked closer and saw that he had turned to the book of Acts and was flipping through the pages. So I asked him quietly what he was doing.

"Checking to see if that manga book was accurate to the real Bible," he said.

Wow. That was a cool parent moment to say the least. And he and I found the book was accurate which was also encouraging.

So, upon doing a little more research, I actually found that Tyndale has put out the entire New Living Translation in a manga format called The Manga Bible.

We are buying it this week.

If some simple formatting will get my son to passionately read and study the Bible then bring on the Manga Bible!

Have a great Sunday!


Nathan Stitt said...

That is awesome! I'd love to have a look at it next time I'm over. I almost bought a similar artistic style of Bible earlier this week. Amazon has it on sale for $10

Brittany said...

I highly, HIGHLY recommend it :D lol It isn't 100% accurate if memory serves me. But it has the potential to drill the bible in your brain!

I loved it :) Hey?! I can actually read the Japanese on that book.

I am glad to hear that Ethan is enjoying it!

Nobody said...

The Manga Bible $11.19 @ Amazon: