Monday, February 21, 2011

It's So Good to See You...

So I'm really terrible at keeping up with old friends.

I know I have this deficiency. I think about doing better. Really I do. But the reality has been that my life is often filled with lots of relationships, so relationships that are no longer in immediate proximity fall by the wayside.

And unfortunately I'm not just talking acquaintances but even close friends.

But thankfully I have some really gracious people in my past who still try to keep up with me. We got to experience some of that this past weekend.

A couple who were some of my very best friends in college contacted us and asked if they could come over for the day. We checked our schedule and immediately said "YES".

They and their four children came just before lunch and stayed until well past dinner. Our children and theirs buddied up and had a wonderful day together. We sat around and visited and laughed just like we had never been apart. We found them to be going through and thinking of many of the same things we are:

Family growth. Educational choices. Eating habits. Stuff management for our households. Simplifying. Even cloth diapering!

It was refreshing. We were sad to see them go. We hope to visit with them again soon.

So, who is it that you need to check up on/reconnect with/visit?

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Brittany said...

EVERYONE. Literally lol