Friday, February 19, 2010

Blast From the Past!

This is my clock radio.

It is an icon in my life.

This week as Isaac was turning all of the knobs, looking for that perfect station...

(That's his wee little arm in the picture;)

...I realized I have had that radio since at least junior high. That's like over twenty years! I suddenly remembered being an angst-ridden, love-sick preteen falling asleep at night listening to Every Rose Has It's Thorn by Poison.

I remembered how that red digital glow told on me when I was trying to sneak into my room as a high schooler after I was out way past my curfew!

I remembered hitting that snooze button over and over again when I had Calculus at 7:30am EVERY DAY my sophomore year of college (what was I thinking to schedule that!!)!

I remember...all of these things that my clock radio has seen! And it made me nostalgic for a moment.

So what are the icons in your life? What is it in your house that could tell decades of stories on you if it could talk? And, if you are old enough, what were you doing in 1988 when I was jamming to Poison?


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Dave Farquhar said...

I do believe the first class of the day was at 7:40, not 7:30. Not that the 10 minutes mattered; it still felt like 5:30. Especially during the winter, when the days are really short.

I'm not sure if taking College Algebra at 7:40 my freshman year was the dumbest thing I did in college, but it's up there.