Friday, February 26, 2010

Jack White is Haunting Me!

So I've been really intrigued by Jack White since I watched Davis Guggenheim's documentary It Might Get Loud.

I'm intrigued by his passion for his music. His love for lo-fi. His gravitation toward the nostalgic, traditional, organic parts of musical & recording history. And his accidental success all-the-while loathing so many of the things that cause success in the music industry today.

He just seems to be driven to do what he does out of some inward passion or purpose and I am compelled to understand that more.

So I was very pleased (and just a little creeped out - I mean look at that guy!) when I got my new RELEVANT magazine today and Jack was on the cover! I guess I'm not the only one being inspired by him.

Their article continued to reveal a person whole-heartedly devoted to the thing he loves - his music and returning to simpler roots. What with three bands, multiple side projects, and his own vintage recording studio/record label/concert venue, he literally lives and breathes his passion.

I guess that is what is inspiring to me about him, how he gives everything to the thing he loves.

So who is somebody unique or unexpected that you are inspired by?

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