Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy V-Day!!!

So my family is on a journey.

And it's been a while a coming!

But it looks something like this: We feel God continually calling us to live according to His economy and not the economy of the world. He is calling us to try to live simpler and live with less and be satisfied with the abundance of His love

...and it's hard sometimes!

Lately, we are feeling Him call us to radically pursue decreasing debt. We've been working on that awhile, but it's easy to slack up or make those easy swipe purchases. But we have renewed vigor with a plan that will pay off everything but our mortgage in two years. Exciting!

But that means we look for alternatives to the "traditional" approaches to such things as...Valentine's Day!

So this weekend we have

1. Made our own valentines (and Valentine's boxes as you'll see above:)
2. Made homemade Almond Joy candy bars for a special V-Day treat!
3. Had a "drive-in" movie party in our living room with a John Hughes/Cameron Crowe 80's Romance Movie Marathon!

And it was all a blast. So tell us....

A.How are you living simpler?
B.What fun things did you do to celebrate "Be Mine" Day?
C. What is God challenging you to do that is radical?

Peace and love!


KristieSue said...

Our family is heading down the same path! I find it interesting that more and more Christians I know are starting this or have already done it. It makes me feel like he's trying to prepare us for what is coming soon.

We made our own valentine's and boxes too :) It was two days of crazy fun!

Luke said...

We too are on a path to get out of debt and live our lives according to all the Bible outlines for us.

A) We are living simpler by celebrating the holidays/Feasts that the Bible tells us to (so we dont have to worry about Valentines day).

B) We did nbot celebrate Feb 14, however Purim is coming up and while it is not commanded that we celebrate it, it is a time to rememberf the Story of Esther and how Adonai saved his people. We will be giving gifts to the poor, Trinity is going to be doing a food drive to help those in our community, etc.

C) God is challenging us to be self sufficient. We are making a lot of progress. Tanya makes everything from scratch. We do not cook from boxes or cans. We actually just recently got a grain grinder so that we can buy whole wheat berries and grind our own flour. We have chickens and get fresh eggs every day. We have two sheep who just recently gave birth to baby lambs. We will start milking our sheep so that we can make our own cheese and have fresh milk. Chickens also provide meat for our family as will the sheep eventually. We would love to get wind and solar power, but not something we can afford right now, hopefully once we get out of debt.
Tanya makes her own detergent for washing clothes which saves tons of money, especially since we have cloth diapers and have to wash clothes on a VERY regular basis.

We just planted some of our garden where we hope to get a lot of our produce this year instead of buying it. We get our groceries once a month from a co-op and try not to go to the store every other day to get things we need.

It is amazing what Adonai will do for you if you are willing to obey his words and live according to the scriptures!

180 Youth Ministry said...

Wow guys! Thanks for these thoughts! I am encouraged and intrigued to see so many of our generation seeing the challenge to live differently. I can only wonder what God has in store as we answer this call to obedience! God bless...