Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh, I've Got An App for That....

I think most who know me know that I love new technology...

and I love sharing my new greatest joys with you. So here are my new favorite iPhone apps for this week:

If Elvis Costello & Rob Bell had a child, it would probably be Ira Glass. (Although I actually think that Ira is older than Rob, so maybe if Elvis Costello & Ira Glass had a child it would be Rob Bell...but I digress) Ira is the host of this lovely weekly radio show on NPR called This American Life. It revolves around real stories of real people and the lives they live. Now, it is not a religious based show. There is sometimes real life situations with real life language that is not suitable for the kiddies. And I actually think Ira is an atheist.

But this show consistently does a great job of opening a window into how people tick. I have learned so much about the human psyche - the how's and why's of people's reactions, thoughts, habits - from this program.

So I was super excited to find out that there's an iPhone app where I can stream any prior program, hear extra tidbits not on the show, and even see a live countdown to this week's broadcast! Great stuff!!

So I made a realization this week - most of my favorite apps have something to do with making movies. First it was iMotion. Then it was Qik Video. And now it's Big Mouth.

Big Mouth is this cool little application where you take an image from your Photo Gallery and mask a mouth onto a person, animal, house slipper or whatever. Then you record your voice and it magically makes it look like the picture is talking. Go check out the video on the website. It will all become clear!

My family spent like a half hour playing with it when I downloaded it this week. We made each of the children say silly phrases. We made a birthday cake talk. I had my homemade slippers talk to each other. It was great!

The only drawback is you can only share the videos with other people who have the app on their iPhone or iPod Touch. So if you have 'em, download the app and then search for "ethans mustache". Let us know what you think.

Logos is the premier Bible Study software used by pastors, scholars and lay learners worldwide. They have proved themselves over and over again to be the best solution for having all of your Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons, etc in one easy & searchable location.

And their software packages range anywhere from $150 to $4200!

Or there's the free iPhone App.

That's right FREE!

Now of course it has nowhere near the level of content that the $4200 Logos 4 Portfolio edition does, but it has a great variety of Bible's and research texts that are all searchable and cross-reference-able. It also has one-click word study and topical study and so much more.

Now for just reading the Bible, I still like my YouVersion app better, but the Logos app is appearing to be a wonderful resource for study whether on the go or not!

So those are my new favs for the week. Let me know what yours are or how you like these!

God bless & Happy Monday!

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