Thursday, March 11, 2010

Screw-ups Anonymous....

Hi. My name is Mark and I'm a screw-up.

I make mistakes. I say the wrong things. I offend people. I break stuff. I worry...alot. I have bad thoughts. Sometimes all kinds of bad thoughts.

And I know and trust in God's forgiveness. But that doesn't make it any easier sometimes to know that I'm a screw-up.

So I'm sitting here tonight, knowing that God is wanting to do amazing things in and through my life this weekend...

And I just can't stop thinking about my screw-ups this week. About how people are reacting or going to react to things I've messed up.

So does that mean that I only really trust in God's grace when I don't feel like I really need to be forgiven? Does that mean that I'm really just trusting in myself to be "good", all the while saying I trust in Jesus?

So I'm deciding to stand on the truth of God's grace today. As it is a reality that God forgives me. Not based on my actions or my feelings or my worries. It is fact.

How about you? How are you dealing with God's forgiveness this week?

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